Nick Bent

Nick is the founder and director of Hello Blue Productions.

He has a passion for capturing stories and using the art of storytelling to create emotive and inspiring films. He also has a passion for brownies and coffee but that’s for another time.

He has worked with a range of clients from individual professionals, small business, educational institutions and corporate groups.

With over 10 years’ experience in video production and a strong commitment to his client’s needs, you’re in safe hands with Nick.

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Justin Reid

Filmmaker / Editor
'JR' can often be heard debating the nuances in political beliefs or sharing wisdom beyond his years. He's a weapon with a camera and knows a thing or two about sound design & storytelling. And just an all round good guy really.

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Alex Thomson

Production Manager
Where there's chaos, Alex will bring order. Alex is like an Angel sent from heaven to ensure everything gets done on time and to budget, she's the glue that holds it all together. Year's of production management under her wings, your production is in safe hands when Alex is on set!


Julie Johnston

Creative Producer
Julie has a gift, she can look at a brief and create a plethora of concepts in a matter of minutes. In fact she can generate ideas quicker than we can pour a coffee, which is pretty darn quick ;). You need creative concepts? You need Julie!


Jason Holt

Jason is one of the most easy going, yet professional filmmakers you are likely to meet. His work has taken him to some of the most remote communities this country has to offer. He has a creative aura that is tough to boot and is one of the smoothes gimbal operators we’ve ever met.


Chun Wong

Filmmaker / Animator
Chun is not from this world. He is able to survive solely on bananas & popcorn. He rarely sleeps (only when his camera battery is charging) and will not rest until his job is done. This guy is a ninja when it comes to animation and is no slouch with a camera.


Mia Peronis

Filmmaker / Editor
Armed with a camera and a computer, Mia has this rare ability in being able to pull an emotive story out of anything. She once made us tear up on a piece about a laundry mat.....that takes skill! Mia loves an emotional challenge, so much so she decided to have another child and give up sleeping for another year! We salute you!
You want emotive, Mia will give you emotive.